Wednesday, March 31, 2010

temperature shifts

It's kinda crazy to think that I went from shorts and tank tops back to tights and sweaters in just a week. It kinda bummed me out to wake up on Monday to rain and under 50 degrees. But that's life I guess. Hopefully it'll warm up in the next few weeks so I feel like it's actually spring and not just a continuation of January and February....

I'm still trying to get used to my hair. I love the color, but I feel like I can't wear certain colors as successfully anymore. I'll keep experimenting and hopefully things will just adjust. April starts tomorrow though! I'm so excited! I got an Easter Box in the mail from my mum today. There's like 10 boxes of Peeps in there. I laughed when I opened it after class. I definitely brought back memories. :]
Target crew neck sweater (it's navy, but you can't really tell in the pictures....)
Forever 21 skirt & locket
Target tights

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