Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring Break (Part 2)

So here's part two of my spring break adventures. For the second half of the week, we drove back up to school and stopped in different cities. We spent an afternoon in San Francisco, spent the night in Sacramento, and stayed in Portland before heading back up to Spokane on the last day. It was four days of extra craziness.

At a little rest/look at the view spot in central California off the 5 where we let Phil out of the car to stretch his legs.
American Eagle top
Alloy cardigan
Target jean shorts
white Blowfish flats
giant wind turbines outside San Francisco
We mainly just hung out around the Wharf.
Mod Cloth purse
We went to the antique coin-operated arcade and played around with all the fun stuff in there. You know, arm wrestled some machines and what-not.

group picture in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

I stayed with my best friend in Sacramento that day and dyed my hair while watching this movie about gansta vampires in the hood.
Chelsea and I had breakfast and caught up before I met back up with everyone to drive up to Portland the next day. We had pumpkin cupcakes and french fries for breakfast.... it was delicious.
I immortalized us on the bathroom wall at the cafe we got coffee from.
THAT'S MY BEST FRIEND!!!! Her car got in a little accident, so she got a band-aide for him. Oh, Best Friend. How I love her. :]
Had In-N-Out in Redding.
Forever 21 cardigan
Pac Sun skinny jeans
tank top from a boutique on Balboa Island
white Blowfish flats
acted like dorks in front of the sign for Weed, CA for a friend....
I'm IN LOVE with Powell's. I think I might need to move to Portland to experience it every day. It is my Mecca.
Oliver was our tour guide for the day.
Forever 21 cardigan
orange striped shirt from Old Navy
5-Hour Energy Pact. That shit tastes nasty and doesn't work and is way too expensive. But it was a group thing....
driving Lelsy back to Montana
Oh, school. You're break messages on the marquee are so amazing.
So that was my spring break. I really needed this trip. Now I only have about 6 weeks before school gets out and I can go back home to California weather. The next few weeks should definitely prove to be interesting....

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