Friday, March 5, 2010

On Broadway

So a few months ago, Hayley and I were following these directions to a choir concert when we got pretty lost because the directions were completely wrong. What we found when we were lost was Broadway Avenue. After classes got out, we had the urge to just drive somewhere and do something since it's Friday and we didn't have anything going on for the rest of the afternoon. I'd mentioned wanting to do more photography yesterday so she suggested we go take pictures on Broadway. So that's what we did. :]

Broadway has so much stuff going on! I love that street! I love living in Spokane because of all the buildings and houses. Back home, it's all clean and modern or Spanish Adobe style and all fairly new looking. In Spokane, the building are all older for the most part and have lots of character. And real patios and porches. I've always liked those. You don't see much of those where I live.
Forever21 Dress & leggings
Alloy cardigan
(Hayley's dress is from Ross)

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