Wednesday, March 10, 2010


(My mum looks like a stalker in the corner of this picture....)
These are pictures of my older brother, Taylor. They're old 'cause I haven't seen him since Christmas Day. Today, he is 22-years-old. So here's 22 memories and things that stand out in my mind when I think about him.
1. Teaching me how to play with his Game Boy in the back of the car during one family road trip.
2. That time we were both home alone all day and the only thing on TV was sumo wrestling, so we built our own ring on the floor out of pillows and became sumo wrestlers for the rest of the afternoon.
3. The comics he used to draw.
4. Jumping off the dock at Lake Tahoe during the summer.
5. Quincy Fargatoomi
6. Driving to school in his beat-up black truck that had issues starting most of the time freshman year blasting Kanye West or Circa Survive.
7. That time when we were at Mammoth and he demanded I tell him all the bad words I knew.
8. His excitement over his septum piercing that he told me the night he got it and then forbid from telling Mum and Dad when they got home from vacation.
9. I kept the texts he sent me when I was freaking out about leaving home for college and he told me how proud he was of me and the fact that I was going to college so far from home and getting away from our family for MONTHS (they only got erased on accident because I pressed "erase all" before I realized that "all" included those texts).
10. Watching all the snowboard videos he made with his friends for two straight years.
11. Going to his concerts in junior high and feeling so cool because I had his band's t-shirts that he screen-printed at school.
12. Getting to brag that he was my older brother in high school to people who knew him. It gave me lots of street cred being related to THE Taylor Hunt.
13. Even though it got annoying sometimes, I was always happy to "do him a favor" and change out his loads of laundry every two weeks when he did laundry at home.
14. The facebook conversation we had when he told me we should smoke pot together when I got home during break. (never did and never will happen, but it was funny.)
15. Playing together when we were little and it was really just us when Austin was a baby.
16. When Mum tells the story of when "My bwuddah cut my hair."
17. Connecting with him for the first time in years over future tattoos and piercings.
18. When I showed him my Photo final from last year and he said he like it, it meant so much to me.
19. That month or so that I left notes of encouragement on his bed every day when he was going through a rough patch (I still don't know if they helped, but I just wanted to show I cared).
20. The times Mum will text or call Austin or me when she's trying to get ahold of him.
21. The time's we've just watched movies together over the years.
22. The conversation we had about favorite books and authors last Father's Day and how similar our literary tastes have gotten still makes me smile.

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