Tuesday, March 9, 2010

And very early every morning - before anybody is awake - Hunca Munca comes with her dust-pan and her broom to sweep the Dollies' house!

The middle picture's a close-up of today's outfit. I had to change though 'cause I had cleaning to do. Laundry's up next while I read for class tomorrow. Who knows, I might even actually cut my bangs tonight too like I've been meaning to for the past few days. Or I might just wait until the weekend or something....
IN OTHER NEWS: Tomorrow is my older brother's birthday! He'll be 22. He's so OLD!
(Hunca Munca is a character from Beatrix Potter's A Tale of Two Bad Mice)
Forever 21 dress & orange cardigan
Target teal tank top
American Apparel black tights (not pictured)

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