Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beware of Zombie Nazis!

So because it's Halloween, for some reason, I've been watching more scary movies than I have in my life. I hate scary movies. But for the past few days I've been around friends when they decide to watch Halloween-appropriate movies and I just end up staying. Last night, I was invited to go to a screening of the Norwegian "zombie Nazi comedy" Dead Snow. So I went. I think the combination of zombie Nazis and comedy and the fact that it was only five bucks was what sealed the deal for me. I thought it'd be.... an interesting experience. And, boy, was it.

The movie was set to start at midnight and it was put on by the city's international film festival where I'm going to school and there was a line down the street for tickets. I was going with some people from my dorm and we were surprised at how many people were there. 

So we got our tickets and found seats towards the back. The first few minutes, the movie had to be paused a few times because the sound wasn't working and people were talking and yelling out comments the whole time. While the sound was off but hadn't been paused, someone started reading off the subtitles in accents and making sound effects. It was quite funny and my friend actually turned to me and said that it was definitely worth the five bucks just for the snow mobile sounds he was making.

The sound finally came back on and the movie continued. I've never had a movie experience like that before. People continued to yell out comments throughout the movie and some people two rows in front of us were drinking and smoking and moving seats the whole time. And it was actually really funny when characters weren't getting their heads ripped in half or hanging off a cliff by zombie intestines. The humor was very tongue-in-cheek and the final battle royal between the remaining characters and the Nazi zombie horde was gory, but still made the whole theatre laugh. Overall it was a pretty entertaining way to start out my Halloween this year, despite all the gore.

Dead Snow movie poster

It doesn't get much better than zombie Nazis for Halloween, I gotta tell you.

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