Monday, October 26, 2009

and I find that my heart is my home

I love the feeling of being out in the cold all bundled up and bare-faced and then walking inside a warm building. The cold clings to your face and the warm air of the place you just entered settles slowly on top of that cold layer, surrounding your chilled face in warmth that just feels good, gently seeping into the skin on your face gradually.

I pulled an almost- all-nighter last night. Meaning I went to bed around 7:15 in the morning after working on a paper for my Honors Reading class for a long time and then woke up at 8:20 in order to make it to that same Reading class at 9:05. So I spent most of the day running on about an hour of sleep. And then I had to take a midterm in maths. A bit of a crappy day.

But I found some good points in the little things today. I got a package from my grandma in the mail today. It was a very pleasant and welcome surprise, especially after just thinking the past few days about how I miss my grandma's cookies and would love to get some in the mail. And then lo and behold when I checked my mail after a brief lunch before going to study hard-core for my midterm (I'm not sure how much good it did.... maths' not my best subject....), there's a package waiting for me that definitely had some of my grandma's delectable homemade cookies (as well as peanut butter m&ms - sooo good! - and a light up Jack-o-lantern for Halloween this weekend that changes colors - it's pretty sweet!). 

And although I didn't really get a nap today (I fell asleep at my desk in front of my computer for about half an hour.... not really comfortable....) and I do have quite a bit more work to do for classes tomorrow, I got a chai on the way back to my dorm from a viewing of "Comedian" about Jerry Seinfeld for one of my classes tomorrow. And now I feel much more calm and relaxed about the next few hectic days and everything that happened today and this weekend. Cheers.

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