Thursday, October 15, 2009

Taste of Heaven

I have been craving certain foods since I've been away from home. The cafeteria at school's been pretty good at serving decent food, but nothing can compare to some of the food back home. Like, there's this phenomenal Indian restaurant a few blocks from my house. Just thinking about their chicken ticka massala and naan and mango lassi makes my mouth water. 

And green beans. I just want some steamed green beans. My room mates hear about my desire for steamed vegetables all the time. I'm the kid who grew up with the whole "balanced plate" thing for dinner. We always had some form of protein, vegetables, and starch on our plates every night. And I was the kid who actually liked my veggies. So the fact that I'm not really getting them (aside from the salad bar offered every night - but I don't really like salad all that much....) is driving me crazy.

But what I'm mainly craving right now, is strawberry bread. It's delicious. It tastes like Heaven. And I've technically only had it once when my best friend and I made it during the summer because we felt like being chefs that day. But it's perfect. And I want to eat it right now. I would, too. I'm just an extremely poor college student with no way of making it myself since I live in a dorm and there's no bread pans in the kitchen downstairs. But this is college. We improvise all the time. I'll find a way to scrounge something together. For now, the Cinnamon Toast Crunch in my room will have to do. Cheers.

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