Sunday, February 28, 2010

the simple things

I went with Laura and Rose to get tap shoes today with Rose's boyfriend, Caleb. On the way back to school, we stopped at a park to go on the swings. It made me feel so much better! My suspicions that I'm sick have been confirmed based on the state of my throat and the fact that my voice has been going in and out all day. I also feel miserable most of the time. So the feeling of almost-flying and goofing around with my friends was definitely welcome. There's just something about swings that makes me so happy!

right after jumping off the swing....

my hair was doing weird things today....
we decided that Rose looks like Kirsten Dunst in this picture. :]
We were probably the oldest people at the park this afternoon besides parents, but it was so much fun. We spend so much on campus in our little Whitworth Bubble that it's so great to spend just a little bit of time running errands or hanging out at a park on the swings. We went to a bakery this morning instead of hiking since we were all really tired and I'm sick right now. I miss pastries. It was so awesome to eat just a simple cheese danish! I'm a simple kind of girl I guess. Cheese danishes and swings and getting off campus make me happy.
Now if only I could just miraculously get better by Monday morning. I really can't be sick right now....
pictures courtesy of Rose

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