Sunday, February 14, 2010

and we'll have a big love-fest in the streets

It's the big day people. The day of love and cheesy mushiness. Not my favorite holiday. But I'm having fun with it this year. And I get to wear the red tights my mum sent me! I was so excited! Enjoy your day with your significant other! Or by yourself....

For me, I'm doing homework later. I already put valentines on people's doors last night around 3:30 (I wasn't tired at all last night and went to bed around 5:00....). So Hayley and I are going to go buy ice cream and maybe stationary/post cards at Boo Radley's downtown. And then we'll watch a corny Mary Kate and Ashley Olson movie later tonight. It should be a good day. But first, lunch!
Forever21 cardigan, shorts & locket
Target tights
Alloy boots

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