Thursday, February 25, 2010

deep breathing

My whole academic life (which is basically my entire life now....) is encased within these four walls.

This weekend poses to be a fairly good weekend. I don't have classes tomorrow, for one thing. But it should also be relaxing and a good time to spend with some of the girls on my hall who aren't leaving for the extended weekend. We're gonna watch some movies tomorrow morning and just be girls and then we have a hiking trip planned for Saturday morning. I get to be outside and commune with Nature! I do have some reading to get done for some classes, but the stressful week can finally end with some major destressing! So it's all good.
I think I'm getting sick though. I don't have time to be sick!
Forever21 skirt
Target tights (thanks to my mum!)
Alloy boots
my friend's band With Honest Eyes shirt
(bought when we went to their show in Seattle last semester)

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