Saturday, February 13, 2010

just another late night

My mum sent me this in the mail because I requested a surprise in the next care package she was going to send me. I think it might be the coolest thing that she's sent me so far. No joke. But anyway, I named him Ferdinand. He's my new reading/studying buddy because he's an awesome piggy pillow.
This is how we hang out:
Ferdinand is a very smart piggy pillow and is very good at helping me with homework. He absorbs information like no other!
Look at what else he can do!:
Also, it was one of the girls in my hall's birthday yesterday. So we made her a cake today.... in the shape of a cheese burger. It was pretty epic.
This is what it looked like when everything was said and done:

I also discovered what pineapple soda tastes like tonight. It was a fairly interesting time.

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