Tuesday, February 9, 2010

only Tuesday

I returned to taking pictures in my dorm room again today. But it's been colder the past few days and I have massive amounts of homework to get done. So it's just easier when I'm giving my eyes a rest from staring at books all day. Today was the first day in a few that I woke up and didn't feel gross and sick-ish. But I'm still exhausted. And it's only Tuesday....

Good news this week is that I finally got out and bought new tights. They have this awesome crocheted/ribbed pattern going on that I really like. I didn't feel very up to pairing them with any other skirt or dress that I have this morning because I haven't paired these kinds of tights with anything I have before. So black it was! With orange to make it not so dreary.
tights-Fred Meyer, belt-Alloy, cardigan-Forever21

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