Wednesday, March 16, 2011

where the ensuing melee escape

Good News: Only TWO more days until I go home for Spring Break!!!
Bad News: I have a midterm tomorrow that I'm not completely sure how to study for...

The weather was actually pretty nice today! Quite a bit of sun, which is always greatly appreciated! So I busted out by ruffled romper that I got last summer kind of on a whim because it was cute and on sale. I think this is the second time I've worn it... I think it was pleading from the bottom of my drawer the past few days to be let out finally. Haha!
I was kind of hesitant to wear it though. I can technically wear whatever I want at school, but some things get you strange looks occasionally. I almost bought this great maxi skirt at Goodwill a few weeks ago, but I didn't because 1) I'd probably just look like an even shorter midget and 2) I'd get a lot of head scratching and questions about whether I was a Sunday School mom in the 70s. And I know that people's opinions of my clothes shouldn't affect the way I dress, but I think it'd just be easier to easy my community into things. Back home in LA it'd probably be fine, so I think I might save the long skirts for the summer. I think I'll see how they actually look on me when I'm home next week and go from there...
The good news though, is that I got a lot of compliments! Even from my friends who have previously expressed their distaste for rompers. Although a lot of those compliments came when people thought it was a dress... Oh well! It was a success and I feel like I now have social permission to try some newer things that my school probably hasn't seen recently. Who knows, maybe I'll come back and the end of next week rocking a gorgeous maxi skirt!
romper - Urban Outfitters
belt & tights - Forever 21
top - JC Penny
flats - Payless

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