Friday, March 11, 2011

breakneck speeds

Hooray! It's the weekend!
The sun showed up today and warmed the earth all around! It was glorious! Made it a very happy day.
So last night's event was... interesting. We all looked really good and had awesome crowns and wands. The actual auction itself was really awkward and made me feel incredibly uncomfortable, but it was over fairly quickly and I could get back to my mountains of homework.
Everything is going so fast! I keep forgetting it's Friday... Next week is midterms week. I only have two tests, but there's still A LOT to do. The good news is that once it's over, I get a week off to read Gawain and the Green Knight for my Arthurian research paper in its entirety and relax and eat real food! I want to go see jane Eyre in theatres then if I can too. It looks really good and it's one of the books that I've read multiple, multiple times. I hope it lives up to expectations!
dress - Forever 21
tiara & wand - Dollar Tree

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