Monday, March 7, 2011

just because it's real don't mean it's gonna work

I've passed by this spot before on my way to dance class and have always thought that it looked like a nice little spot to take pictures. But every time I walk by, I'm in dance clothes and hurrying to go to class. I recently had time after classes to go exploring with my camera and decided to venture down. The little tunnel intrigued me, especially with the graffiti inside so that's where I chose to take some outfit photos.
The sun has been coming out more recently and it's slowly warming up! Which means that the scarf might be a little overkill... But it pulls everything together more since I spend more time outside wearing a coat than without one. And I've just gotten used to throwing on a scarf with my coat before I go out. The warmer weather recently also means that tops like this are more okay. Last month I practically lived in sweaters and long sleeves. This past week I've been donning more lighter layers because I can. (And I'm getting really anxious to go home where it's in the 60s and 70s on average compared to the 30s and 40s up here...)
I'm also trying out more styles with my hair recently. It's finally long enough for Heidi braids! I normally just put it up in messy buns during class and leave it alone most of the time, but I've been getting really anxious to cut it again and make a big (BIG!) change. So I figured that since I probably won't cut it up here in the next few months (or even during the summer, to be honest...) I might as well take advantage of how long it is. Which probably means more Heidi braids over the next few months...
(Laura said I looked very patriotic this morning because of the red/white/blue color scheme of my clothes... I just liked how they looked together and wanted to wear my red tights... I don't really even wear "patriotic colors" for Fourth of July anymore. She later told me I looked like I was promoting our school because of my scarf, tights and coat since our colors are crimson and black. Again, not my intention. She was just making fun of me...)
coat & top - Forever 21
cardigan - Alloy
skirt - H&M
tights - Target
flats - Payless(?)
circle scarf - knitted by my mum

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