Thursday, March 10, 2011

the rain came down

I have so much to do today! There are about four essays of varying lengths that are due tomorrow and I haven't even looked at most of them...! It's been such a busy week though that there has simply been no time to get to everything until the night before. I'm really feeling the pressure right now! And next week will be just as busy if not more so! Gah!
Today is also my eldest brother's birthday! Hooray! He turns 23 today. It feels so old, but it's not in the long run...
Tonight is also a charity auction event that I'm participating in. It's one of those date auctions where people pay money to go on a date with the participants, either individually or as a group. Some friends and I are in a group together, so it should be fun but incredibly nerve wracking! What if no one bids one me?? I'm trying not to think about it too much and focus on the fun aspects and the fact that everything is going toward MS research and treatments. The only thing that is really freaking me out about tonight is that it's coinciding with my homework for tonight... I'll get everything done though. Hopefully. (Can you say all-nighter??)
coat, scarf, hat, skirt, belt, tights & boots - Forever 21
blouse - thrifted
socks - Target

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