Monday, March 14, 2011

going haywire

I received a really sweet compliment today from a girl in one of my classes. I told her I love her hair (it's the cutest pixie cut and looks awesome on her) and she told me that she always looks to see what I'm wearing every day to get inspired. How sweet is that? I'm a big believer in compliments and the power they can have on people's self esteem, so I often will tell people I don't even know if I really like their shoes or shirt or something - sometimes whole outfits. And hearing that someone thinks that I dress well really makes my day! Makes me want to give out even more compliments!
Last week was insane and this week is going to be even more so. There's so much to think about and do! I was telling my mum about everything I have to do and her response was, "That sounds like my last week of school my senior year of college! Aren't you glad you're a Lit Major?" Yes, Mum, I'm quite glad I'm a Lit Major. It's the best major! I'm just a tad stressed right now. I wrote a whole rough draft in only 30 minutes between classes today. That's skills right there. And a little crazy. Now I have to revise it and write a mid-semester assessment for my dance class. Thankfully, my classes tomorrow shouldn't be too difficult. One involves a whole class-period's worth of presentations. Maybe I can study for my test on Wednesday during that time...
cardigan, belt, skirt, & tights - Forever 21
top - Target
flats (not pictured) - Urban Outfitters

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