Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nervous But Excited

I experimented a bit more with my outfit today. I wore a new dress to work yesterday and I didn't want to wear the same clothes in the same way for my last week. So this is the result. I like it. It feels slightly 1950s-esque. I'm not really sure why or how though.

So tomorrow is my last day at my job! Everyone I've worked with this summer have been really nice and sweet, but I'm so ready to be done. I've already started the process of packing, but I need to just hunker down and get it done when I'm not at work. And I need time to relax before I leave. I leave in four days!!! Sunday Sunday Sunday! I'm nervous after being gone all summer and being out of the routine of school, but excited to finally get to go back (So I sang a song called Nervous But Excited... Anyone? Anyone? Hehe!).

So I'm not allowed to wear shorts or jeans or t-shirts to work. But I'm so tempted to wear something "illegal" tomorrow since it's my last day... Sigh. If only... I was actually planning on wearing the dress I wore yesterday tomorrow. But it was there and new and I didn't feel like putting something together when I only had to wear the dress with a thin belt and flats. And that's it. It was glorious. So we'll see about tomorrow's outfit. I'm going out to lunch with a friend and dinner to my favorite Indian restaurant with my family (ALL of my family! Including my elusive older brother! Whoo!). So I want to look good. But not like I'm going to/coming from work... It'll be interesting getting dressed tomorrow!

I don't know if you can tell based on this last picture, but the area all around my house if filthy! You wouldn't think that painting a house could end up in such a mess, but it does. They have buffered and scraped and who-knows-what else for the past week while painting everything. It's almost done! They just need to finish repainting the rest of the trim white and clean up all the junk. Minus the mess, it already looks so much better!
blue pin-tuck button-up from Urban Outfitters
skirt from some store in Paris...
belt from Target
flats from

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