Friday, September 17, 2010

there's a ghost in my lungs and it sighs in my sleep

It's Friday! I'm so glad to be done with classes for the week! And my last class for the day has been cancelled, so it's even better!

The weather's been kind of weird recently. It's been gloomy, yet actually really warm for the past few days. I thought it'd rain quite a few times, but not the usual cold and miserable rain that is normal up here. More along the lines of a summer thunder storm. It finally rained last night and the forecast says that it's supposed to rain for the next few days. I kind of really like it a lot. So instead of wearing jackets and warmer clothes, people are walking around in jeans and t-shirts or the like.

So beyond my excitement for the weather and fewer classes today, I'm having a bit of a slow morning. I had my usual 8:00 class today, which was good. But I went to bed quite a bit later than usual to finish up some assignments. So I'm tired and kind of out of it and not feeling too well. I had some great conversations and bonding with my room mate last night though. So it's all good in the long run I suppose.

I'm going for more comfort today with my outfit. This sweater is amazing and I love it so much! I'll definitely be wearing it a lot more this fall and winter. And I've almost been living in these jeans since I got to school. They're very stretchy and comfortable. They're a bit long, but that's because I have short legs to fit my incredibly short stature.
blue button-up from Forever 21
jeans from H&M
sweater & corduroy flats from Urban Outfitters

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