Sunday, September 19, 2010

rainy Sunday

This weekend's been really good. Last weekend I kind of just sat around in my room doing homework and settling in. But this weekend we went out and had a lot of fun. On Friday, we went out to dinner and then went back to a friend's house and watched a movie and played Balderdash. And yesterday was full of thrift store shopping and hall dinners and movies with my room mate. I have small group and a meeting for my acting class later today, and there's a possibility of going to see Easy A tonight as well. I finally have a life! Yay!

I woke up this morning and it was gloomy and raining. It made me so happy because I fell asleep to rain too. And it's still raining! It's the perfect lazy, rainy Sunday right now.

So as I said, we went to some thrift stores yesterday. I came back with some great stuff! Like this blouse and pair of boots. I'm most excited about the boots. For one, they make me taller. For two, I've been considering getting a pair similar if I could find the right price. And for three, they were probably one of the only pairs of shoes at Plato's Closet that were in my size. So they immediately became mine.

So the moral of the story is, this weekend's been awesome. Even the slow, quite parts where it's just me hanging out in my room studying by myself (kinda like right now...).
gray cardigan from Alloy
H&M jeans
blouse and boots thrifted from Plato's Closet

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