Monday, September 27, 2010

what a wonderful world

So the weather the past few days has been GORGEOUS! And it should be keeping it up for the rest of the week if the forecast is correct. Back at home, it's been in the 100s recently and apparently, all my friends and family are just melting right now. I've been very comfortable and happy. I think I'm especially enjoying it because I know that in about a month, the weather will probably do a 180 and won't get nice again for months. So I'm enjoying what I have right now and snickering at everyone suffering back home. Summer's been a late-bloomer this year...

So my room mate calls these my Peter Pan tights because they're green and kind of really awesome. She's kind of really awesome too. She's currently watching something on her computer and keeps gasping and exclaiming. It's super entertaining! She's wonderful. :]

I'm currently running on about four hours of sleep right now. I had to write an essay for my 8:00AM class last night and didn't finish until around 3:00AM. So I've been pretty pooped all day. Such a great way to start out the week, eh?

This weekend was a lot of fun! We watched quite a few movies and hung out a lot. I was supposed to go to my cousin's soccer game (she was playing against nearby colleges this weekend), but it just didn't end up fitting into my schedule very well. (They won both games though! And played very well!) And then on Saturday it was our Homecoming game (which we won) and dance (which I went to and had fun at). Afterwards, I had movie/girl night with my room mate. We watched Pretty in Pink (yay!) and ate strawberries with Nutella and cookie dough and yelled at the screen (we both tend to do that when we watch movies and TV shows together). It was a great weekend! And then I had to do homework last night... Homework after such a great weekend just always seems sacrilegious or something. It shouldn't be allowed.
top, skirt & belt, tights, & cardigan from Forever 21
boots thrifted at Plato's Closet

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