Thursday, April 22, 2010

the spring sun will melt away all our cares

The weather today has been really strange. It won't be as warm the rest of this week as it was the last few days (although yesterday was gloomy and chilly most of the day), but today started out colder and has warmed up quite a bit to be in the lower 60s. So I wore tights today, even though I was not planning on it when I initially got dressed today. Oh well.

My school puts out cupcakes towards the end of every month for all the birthdays, so I got a cupcake tonight at dinner for my birthday! I'm excited to eat it since I didn't get a cake or anything this month to celebrate it. I had the party at my house during spring break, but no one at school really did anything for me. I got presents from Hayley 'cause I was at her house for Easter on my birthday.
Last night was the housing lottery for regular rooms, so I have a dorm room for next year! It's not where we wanted to live originally, but we fared better than some people because we had a better lottery number. It was so stressful last night watching all of the room numbers get crossed off that were available in dorms! (not that I could really see it on the wall until we got closer because I'm blind....) But now it's over and the only stressful thing before school is out is finals week. The awesome thing though is that I'm across the hall from some great friends next year, I have a great room mate, and my RA this year might be my RA next year (I'll find out on Sunday when they tell her what part of the dorm she's going to be in)! The stress is just kind of melting away with the colder weather now. It's wonderful. And soon I'll finally be home for summer! Yay!
Forever 21 skirt & cardigan
Target blouse
American Apparel tights
American Eagle flats for Payless

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