Saturday, April 17, 2010

and the living is easy

The weather's been so nice recently! It's been perfect lay-out-on-the-lawn-and-read weather. So that's what I've been doing. My goal has been to spend as little time as possible in my room over the past few days and the weather's conveniently been helping me out. So this is what my afternoon looked like today:

The set-up. That blanket is perfect for lawn-basking.
There was a lady bug that hung out with me for a bit while I read. I named him Steve.
I read for a bit and then headed back inside and hung out with people in the downstairs lounge before going to a gospel choir concert and then a spur-of-the-moment (at least for me) viewing of The Blind Side. I've already seen it, but I like the movie so I just decided to go with one of my room mates when we met up with her on the way back from the concert. It's been a good, busy day. Now I have more homework to do and a costume to track down for a performance on Friday that I have a meeting for tomorrow.

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