Sunday, April 18, 2010

fantastic surprises

I went to Goodwill today in search of a costume for my Shakespeare performance on Friday and ended up finding something fantastic. Take a look!

And these shoes are for my costume, but I really like the color.... and the brand name on the sole. It was kind of awesome all the shoes they had in my size there. This kind of thing almost never happens to me since I have such tiny feet. There were like three different pairs to choose from in my size that would go with my costume, but I went with the cheapest ones since I don't have much money to begin with....
Oh, and good news of the week: After almost a month of stressing about it, I finally found a room mate for next year on Friday. Next year should be a really great year now. Now we just have to get signed up for a room and finish the rest of the year. And then I can go home for the summer. Things have been going really well recently. I'm really happy. :]

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