Sunday, April 11, 2010

in the pink

Have you ever heard of that expression, "in the pink"? It's what one would say when just barely making a yellow light before it turns red. I feel like that might be how my week will be since I have two papers due and lots of reading to get done for them before they can be written. I've gotten better at deadlines over the past few months, but I still tend to cut it really close. The last paper I wrote for my Shakespeare class I was running to the library before it closed the night before in order to print out my rough draft to be edited by one of my room mates. I think I'll always be a procrastinator, I'm just refining my talents I suppose.

On weekends I tend to just spend almost every waking (and sometimes sleeping....) moment in leggings. What I wear over said leggings is normally something like this because it's light and comfortable and easy. And I can sit in weird (and sometimes awkward, yet surprisingly comfortable) positions on the floor as I spend most of my time working on homework or watching episodes of Bones or Project Runway from the week before. Incredibly interesting, I know. Well, back to Italo Calvino and John Calvin. I've lots of very interesting things to read before tomorrow's classes....
Forever 21 leggings
pink dress & tank top from some boutique on Balboa

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