Wednesday, January 27, 2010

simple little melody

Yesterday was the last day of Jan Term! Which means now I have about a week off before Spring Semester starts. Hopefully my books come in time.... This past month's been a bit hectic and laid-back and chock full of drama drama drama! But all thing's considered, it's been good. I had a presentation yesterday for my last class and an exam (that turned out to be a movie.... yay!). And then Hayley and I made a pizza and watched Arrested Development and A Simple Mind with the boys until the wee hours of the morning. And today we're driving to her house. The internet is awful at her place, so I'll probably be back on Sunday. For now, I have to pack and make some CDs for the drive. It should be a good day. Cheers.

blue button-up-Urban Outfitters, white tank top & belt-Target, jeans-Pacsun, locket-Forever21

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