Saturday, January 9, 2010

Frozen Fields and Chicken Strips

Living in California all my life, I've never known this was possible. But apparently, when grass freezes over and had enough water in it - as far as I can tell, at least - it creates these sheets of smooth ice. Me and ice don't really mix. But one of the girls in my dorm used to ice skate and brought her skates back from home and found out that she could ice skate on these large patches of ice. So yesterday, she found this pig patch on one of the fields and we all trekked out there to watch her skate - and take pictures. I got out there after it'd already gone dark, so we're planning on going back out today while it's still light out for better pictures. These are the best I've got so far though.

coat-Forever21, gloves & beret-Target (gift for Christmas), tights-American Apparel, scarf-handmade gift from my mum for Christmas, cutoff shorts (not visible)-self-made, top (not visible)-some little store in Mexico, blue clip (pictured later)-owned since I was five or so

It was freezing out! My fingers were numb after five minutes and I was wearing gloves! Right after, we ran over to the cafeteria for dinner where it was warm. I ate a whole plate of broccoli!!!!!
And then later that night, around 10:00 or so, a few of us went out to eat again at Red Robin. Hayley and I split food. It was so good! It's great to take breaks from cafeteria food and eat something real for once!

Then we went back to the dorm to hang out. We ended up watching Wall-E and then the boys decided to rearrange the Man Cave at 3:00am. Needless to say, we stayed up until 6:30 talking and moving furniture around. I went to sleep around 7:00 and now we're going to make chocolate chip pancakes! It was a very busy day. And quite tiring. But the first week of Jan Term is over and it's the weekend! I'm so happy!

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