Friday, November 19, 2010

virtual fantasy

This week has been quite draining for me and all I could think of was just getting through it. There are some pretty awesome things happening over the next week, so I've just been keeping my eye on those things. So today, as a sort of treat for it being Friday and me being alive after all my classes for the week, I went virtual fantasy shopping!

I've been trying to keep myself on a fairly tight budget this year, so I haven't really bought new clothes since September (I'm DYING!!! (but not really...)). Every once in a while I'll look through online catalogues (like when I made my Christmas wish list almost a month ago), but for the most part it's a serious lesson in self-restraint for me, so I tend not to look at clothes online very often. Today I couldn't help myself and found myself on Modcloth making collages of outfits I would wear in a heartbeat.

So with all the fun things happening in the next week, I figured I'd share some outfits that I would wear to them if I had the funds and time for everything to get here in a day. (Everything is from Modcloth.)

This weekend, I'm going to see White Christmas with Laura! We're probably going to dress up fairly nicely, so this is what I would wear to that.

Quoth the Raven Dress
Bell Curve Cardigan
Sensational Seams Tights
Ring in the New Year Heel
Grown-Up Dress Up Bracelet
Best-Dressed List Bag
Thanksgiving Break starts on Wednesday! So I only have two days of classes this next week! I'm super excited! But I'm not going home because it's too expensive this year. Instead, I'm heading over to the West Side and spending the break with some friends. It's gonna be a blast! I'm so glad I'm getting off campus and having real food for once. So this is what I'd wear on the drive over (if the weather was nice enough for sandals... A girl can dream!)

Lotus Gleam On Top
Storytelling Cardigan
Deservedly Denim Pants
Weekend Getaway Sandal
Fashion Rule Bag
Refined Rocker Bangle
Cuff Love
So then for Thanksgiving I'd wear this! It's going to be a party! I'm terribly excited to meet my friend's family and spend the holiday with them. I've heard there's probably going to be singing and traditional family-ish Thanksgiving games and the like. I love family traditions, so it'll be a lot of fun!

Share a Scone Dress
Queen of the Chess Club Cardigan
Stepping Into Style-Webs Socks
Autumnal Spices Boot
Soft at Heart Bag
Oh Pear Bracelet
My friend lives in the Seattle area, so we might go to the city for an afternoon or so to hang out. So this is what I'd wear on a day-trip to the city (under my coat of course, because it's pretty much almost winter...).

What's Lined Up? Top
Cornflower Maze Sweater
'Sail-or' Drive Pants
Spot of Tea Necklace
The Master Tan Heel
City-Wide Style Bag

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