Tuesday, November 2, 2010

strange days

Well, Fall Break has come and gone. Now it's back to classes as regularly scheduled and homework assignments. Hooray.

The past few weeks have been a little strange for me. My stomach can normally handle anything that I eat. And I'm used to the terrible quality of the food in the cafeteria at school. So nothing has really changed in what has been served at meals, but there's not as many semi-decent/edible options recently (especially during Fall Break...) and I've been feeling sick after every meal. Going to Jack in the Box would actually be better than what I've been eating at school the past few weeks, and most of the time it sounds much better and might actually settle my stomach. It's a bit of a problem right now. Today at lunch wasn't as bad, but I'm tired of eating a turkey sandwich every day at lunch because there's nothing else that won't make me sick. Hopefully it gets better...

The weather's been getting "fall-ish" for Eastern Washington recently. It's been cold, overcast and grey, and kinda rainy/windy. It's making me want to just lie in bed and nap all day and wear dark colors and huge knit sweaters over leggings or big flannel button ups that I stole from my boyfriend (if I had a boyfriend...). I need to go shopping so badly...
cardigan, t-shirt, & necklace: Forever 21
skirt: Urban Outfitters
leggings: Target
boots: thrift store

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