Saturday, November 13, 2010

Lauren Lately

It's been a while... And quite a bit has happened in the past week and a half. Okay, not a lot, but some things. For instance, my room mate acquired a boyfriend! And I died my hair. I am now back to being a brunette! It's only a few shades darker and a little richer than my original hair color and I absolutely love it! I'm going to cut myself some new bangs later this week as well (I would have cut them this weekend but my scene was pushed back to Tuesday for my acting class...).

It's getting to that point in the term where everything picks up speed and everyone gets even busier. I have two essays due on Wednesday and various other things weighing on my mind and schedule. I woke up this morning thinking that I had something really important to do today, but there wasn't anything. So instead I went downtown with some friends and hung out for a few hours. It feels so late because the sun sets earlier and earlier and we got back around 6:30 but it felt like 11:00. It's a little strange to think that I still have time to do things (like homework or watching movies).

I'm also getting super anxious because this winter is supposed to be pretty... wintery... (for Eastern Washington). Last year it was pretty mild, but it's supposed to snow tomorrow and I'm not very happy about it. Maybe it's because I'm from California and I associate November with autumn and not snow. I had a lot of wintery clothes on my Christmas list this year and I hope I get all of them because I'm going to need them this winter. I almost need them now (not just because I'm frustrated with my wardrobe right now and not being able to buy newer/warmer clothes with this very tight budget I've tried to set for myself this year...) but I just have to wait and hope that what happened last year does not happen this year as well in terms of clothes on my wish list. So pardon me while I wallow in my poor college student angst.

I got to pet a puppy today! (Okay, so it was a full grown dog, but I got to pet it and be happy for a few moments before I had to chase after my friends.) We went to this awesome store/coffee and tea shop this afternoon because it was really cold and I have been craving hot drinks and mellow cafe and bookstore atmospheres recently. It is seriously one of my favorite places downtown now! They have a little tea niche with jars of wonderful-smelling loose leaf tea and tea pots and other accoutrement that my room mate and I practically swooned over. I got a hot cider and on the way out, there was a girl with two dogs near the front. One of them was a little antsy and tugging on the leash in my direction. I was going to just walk out but then just stopped and asked if I could pet them. And she said yes! So I did, and I was incredibly happy before I realized that everyone was already out the door and heading back to the car.

Tomorrow, I'm going to a Greek Orthodox service for a class with my lovely friend Laura (I'm pretty sure...) and we have to purchase tickets sometime tonight for White Christmas (also for a class, but I love the show anyway so it all works out) when it comes to the civic center. AND! I register for spring courses on Monday night. I'm going to be quite busy this week... So for now, I'm going to pop in a DVD and chill for a few hours, probably with pretzels and a new jar of Nutella. Happy Day!

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