Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Just some things that have consumed my life recently. I've written two papers in the past day and have a performance evaluation to write for the scene I did from The Glass Menagerie on Tuesday (I was Laura). I also just finished reading Sylvia for my acting class tonight as well. I'm doing a scene from that (I'm Sylvia).

I also went to Walgreens with Rose tonight after dinner and ended up buying chocolate (it's a big deal right now considering I didn't have any and it's Christmas-themed) and a new DVD for about $4. I have a thing for film adaptations of books set in the 30s and 40s, especially in England. Or movies about authors/poets, especially the ones where they died tragically, or their lover did, or they were never able to be with their love interest (especially if they were British...), like Becoming Jane or Bright Star.

Also, because I have spent hours hunched over my laptop writing papers since last night, I now have a very sore back. It's hurt all day and I don't think it'll get better unless I get a back massage. I feel like an old woman. As the picture depicts.

It's been raining a lot lately too. The forecast keeps saying that it's going to snow, but it only snowed briefly really early in the morning on Sunday, and it didn't really count. It's been too warm for snow. But everything's been soggy and just cold enough to be slightly unpleasant.

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