Thursday, October 14, 2010

raise your head up

The weather's been getting colder so my clothes have been reflecting that and the fact that I've been super tired all the time and a little down. So lots of darker colors and different variations and shades of blue. This outfit came together before Creative Writing because I slept through my 8:00am class and because I haven't worn this skirt since I arrived in Spokane. I forgot that it tends to ride up a lot and felt a little immodest for a good portion of the day... Good thing I was wearing tights! It was quite comfortable though!

It also quickly devolved into the tank top and sweater with short gym shorts after dinner. I had a monologue to memorize and a room mate to entertain with my belting of Disney songs in between recitations. It was quite a successful night.

We also busted out this amazing mask that my room mate's grandmother sent her in a package. It's the creepiest/best thing in the world. I wore it for a while and danced and songs goofy songs for a while last night too after I had my monologue down. And then my friend from down the hall stopped by and did homework with us. We then watched this TERRIBLE movie afterwards. Like, not even in a "this is kind of funny how bad this movie is" kind of terrible. It was just really bad.

So that was my night yesterday.

My Dad Gets Here Tomorrow!!! I'm so freakin' excited! In the meantime, I'm going to go read Emerson and possibly watch a better movie with my room mate to redeem the atrocious one we watched last night...
cardigan, tights, & skirt from Forever 21
tank top & belt from Target
boots thrifted from Plato's Closet

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