Thursday, October 28, 2010

good days, bad days

I thought I was getting sick a few days ago. Which was not okay because I have awesome plans for this weekend that do not involve nursing a cold...

This week has been pretty chill, though. I had not one, but TWO, classes canceled yesterday and went to this really great literary reading on campus last night. And to top it all off, after my dance class got out early today around 1:30, I am now officially on Fall Break time! So no classes tomorrow and no classes on Tuesday!

I'm staying on campus again this year. But, unlike last year, I actually have plans for this year! I'm getting off campus! (Hopefully for a good portion of this weekend!) So I'm really excited. I do have quite a bit to do before Tuesday's classes (including studying for a quiz and reading a whole play for my first coaching session for my partner scene), but the main focus of this weekend will be Fall Fun. I'm so ready for this weekend, you have no idea.

(I feel like these pictures don't really do this dress (or this outfit) justice... But they were the only decent ones in the batch. I'll get decent pictures of this dress someday...)
black cardigan & tights: Forever 21
belt: Alloy
dress: Urban Outfitters
boots: thrifted

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