Wednesday, October 13, 2010

mood swings

I think this blouse is one of my absolute favorite items of clothing right now. It just draws me in when I get dressed in the morning most days.

I wore this outfit to go to a middle school with my acting class. I felt like a cool college student on the outside and then was kind of my normal awkward, nerdy self and might have ruined the effect... Most of the students were also my hight or taller so...

Life has been crazy and hectic recently. Lots of reading and writing and not enough sleep. (I actually slept through my 8:00am class this morning on accident...) So I've been wearing whatever most days and then changing into very comfortable (and random...) clothes to do homework in the evenings almost immediately after dinner or classes (depending on the day).

I'm just trying to get through this week though. My dad's coming up this weekend and I'm ditching homework until Sunday night so I can have a fun weekend doing stuff that my dad and I normally do together (just in Spokane instead of back home). We'll probably see The Social Network and go shopping for jazz shoes and groceries and visit our friends over in Sand Point. Exciting stuff! Especially since I don't have to eat in the cafeteria for like the whole weekend...! Best. Thing. Ever!
Alloy cardigan
Modcloth blouse
H&M jeans
Urban Outfitters flats

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