Thursday, February 3, 2011

darling it's better down where it's wetter

These are the last of the pictures from Christmas Break (the last good ones at least).
We (finally) went to the aquarium the last week that I was home. But there's a bit of a story behind the whole excursion...
We went on a Tuesday night, but the night before at dinner with my grandparents, my Mum told me not to make plans for Tuesday night because we all had plans. Secret plans that I wasn't allowed to know about except that we had them. This doesn't happen very often, but knowing about a surprise a whole day beforehand (or even an hour beforehand) messes me up completely. A surprise is not supposed to be revealed before it happens, not even in part. The "surprisee" is not supposed to know what's going on until the surprise actually happens. That's how it is supposed to go! But my family likes to torture me.
So Tuesday night comes around and I'm freaking out and my family is thoroughly enjoying this whole experience. My brother's girlfriend comes over after her swim practice and we all pile in the car and get on the freeway. My family refused to even give me a hint the whole day and they were definitely not going to tell me in the car on the way. It was horrible, but I distracted myself by goofing off with my brother and his girlfriend and my sister.
Long story short, the aquarium was my big surprise. They were having a special deal up until new years that it'd be open from 6-9 for half price so my Mum decided it'd be a nice treat since I've been begging for a family trip down there for almost two years. After I got over being mad at them for freaking me out with a surprise I was very happy that we went and had a lot of fun. Silly families...

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