Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hot chocolate, cinnamon-swirl toast, scrambled eggs

Happy First Day of Summer! I spent it watching Doctor Who and working. I don't think I went outside at all today, which is sad because it was really nice. This was breakfast from last week. I was really busy this past weekend (and had a few opportunities to take pictures, but I just... didn't...) but it was really great. I finally saw my best friend on Monday and spent a good portion of the day with her. She's been back for two weeks, but our schedules didn't match up until yesterday. Sunday was Father's Day, which I spent with my family. And on Friday (I'm going backwards here...) I went on a field trip for work! We ventured into LA to visit R.M. Schindler's King's Road House and then decided to visit Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House spur of the moment right after instead of getting lunch. We weren't allowed to take pictures inside the Hollyhock House, but outside was fine. I just didn't take my camera out of my bag. (It might have been because I was there for work...)
This Hello Kitty mug makes me feel nostalgic. I've had it for so long (I think I got it as a free bonus for spending so much money at the Sanrio store in second grade when it was the most popular and important thing in my life) and it's really small. But I still love it after so long and it's perfect for hot chocolate.

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