Thursday, April 28, 2011

majestic marble

I feel like a recreant blogger... I've been so busy this past month that there hasn't been time for anything except homework and the occasional episode of Top Chef: Masters. Just this week alone, there have been about ten assignments due - and the week is not even over! But the good news is that after tomorrow, there is only two weeks left of the semester. Hooray!

These are just a few pictures from the first hour at the Getty Villa from spring break. That was a month ago... Wow. Time flies! I'll space them out over the next few posts. Mainly because there's a lot and because I don't want to overload on pictures. There's also the whole, Lauren's busy as all get out and has no time for anything right now... Maybe if I have time this weekend, I'll recreate from outfits from the past few weeks and crank out some outfit photos. Perhaps I'll even venture into the Back 40 for them and get out of my room for once.

Well. Happy Thursday!

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